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funny gifs

funny gifs

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How can you not laugh? But how did we get here, to this?

Before we talk Memes, let’s talk about digital storytelling.

Michael Wesch’s project is a great example of modern storytelling at its best; he calls it Digital Ethnography. “The Vision of Students Today”  video was a product of the “Introduction to Cultural Anthropology” course he taught in 2007. This video was viewed more than 1 MILLION times in the first month it was online!

In his article, “A Vision of Students Today (& What Teachers Must Do),”  Wesch discusses how this video resonates with students and educators at a deep level and how he could not believe that this “disheartening portrayal” was accurate. Would he have received the same response if he had written a scholarly journal article?

Image taken from Michel Wesch’s video, A Vision of Students Today

The power of media is evident in our society.  About $60 BILLION dollars is spent on Television marketing. Only about $30 BILLION dollars (same source) is spent on online advertising. So, yeah, media is king.

Voila! Memes are born.

Funny cats, cute babies, sad high school pictures, movie characters, and the most dreadful of all ,epic fails have all become iconic messengers. As Malcolm Gladwell wrote, “A meme is an idea that behaves like a virus–that moves through a population, taking hold in each person it infects.”  And we love them, they are quick to read and if the modality is just right, effective and viral.

So, just to see if you have been paying attention to the most popular of memes, you should check out number the #2 meme here.