About Me

This is my personal evolving networking policy.

I continue to learn how to use an array of social media tools to support my professional development. I am beyond a newbie, and enjoy growing into a deft and proficient participant.  I am in a constant state of learning, adapting, changing.

1. Blogging: https://janneduc.wordpress.com/

I attempt to blog frequently on all things related to my course work. I may post other spur-of-the-moment reflections when something moves me. This is a personal blog and does not reflect my employer in any way. I always do my best to attribute images and muses and content generators because I want others to attribute me too. Web Karma. I  respond to my blog comments.

2. Twitter: @JannMarie22

I tweet professional links to sites and information that I feel are of value to me and others in my network.  Occasionally I post fun(ny) things.

3. LinkedIn:  Jann M. Sutton

I continue to expand my connections in LinkedIn. I like to ask questions to my networks in this arena.

4. About.me: Jann M Sutton

This page really is expressing similar things as LinkedIn only in a more graphical visual way.  It is another way for people to find me and for me to control my web presence.

5. Facebook is for my personal use with family and close friends.

Live well, stay balanced, get connected.


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