#udsnf12 more than a class


#udsnf12 is a very meaningful hashtag as it exploded the social networking world for me.

Matt created a safe environment to explore what it means to connect to learning networks. Not just what it “means” but what it really feels like to experience it first-hand. He demonstrated why our online profile is important and how to increase our online presence in a positive powerful way. We not only learned about Seimen’s theory on Connectivism, we experienced it! I became a thoughtful consumer and connector with a more educated perspective of what I really needed and wanted in this realm of connectivity.

The class experience felt like being thrown on a sail boat and not knowing how to sail. He gave us a bunch of tools, but we really didn’t even know how to hoist the anchor until after a few lessons when we could really begin to harness the wind and sail!

Because Matt made his thought processes known to his students, I think we all felt that we were in this together. His honesty and enthusiasm were critical components to the success of this class and his students appreciated it.

And do you want to know the super-cool thing? All of the resources that Matt creatively pulled together for us were absolutely 100% free.