What do YOU think about online cheating?

I saw this link from Matt Plourd’s Diigo. #udsnf12

Can you believe this? Check it out.

“We take your online class for you…and get an A.” Is this for real???



2 thoughts on “What do YOU think about online cheating?

  1. This is something we talk a lot about in libraries. It’s pretty unbelievable, and yet… so practical that you almost have to give the entrepreneurs credit!

    I think that beyond the questions of falsifying information, plagiarism, and all of the ethical concerns that this raises, what bothers me the most is this overarching assumption that education is simply an end to a means. And that the end justifies the means. For more on this sort of thing, definitely check out this article, and the essay it links to (the UD Library has access to this if you are asked to log in…) http://chronicle.com/article/An-Academic-Ghostwriter-Comes/133904/

    • That is an amazing article-thanks! One idea that Tomar talks about is the need for grades not learning. We seek the end and forfeit the means.

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