Social Networking Course Expectations


I need a dashboard!

I am very excited to take this course! I am looking forward to examining social networking options and their implications with the help of my instructor and classmates. In particular, I would like to understand how these tools can be used to extend student learning.  I feel that I can easily see the social relevance of many of these, but would like to better comprehend the ways these tools can be used to support learning in a meaningful way.I am also interested in effectively using organizational tools like dashboards (such as netvibes) that can help me keep everything at my fingertips.

Here we go…..   🙂

PS While I was searching for netvibes, I found a site called, Social Brite, social strategies for nonprofits. It looks like it might have useful information.



2 thoughts on “Social Networking Course Expectations

  1. Thanks for the content curation update. I just saw an article about a guy who is getting sued for doing this. All he did was republish existing links! That’s it! I have to re-find the reference to share it. Look forward to meeting you in class!

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